What is Toto in Singapore? TOTO is a legalized lottery ticket marketed in Singapore and has numerous names in other places. It is owned by the only legal lottery agent in Singapore, Singapore Pools. By April 2015, it has become the 2nd most preferred type of gambling following 4 digits. TOTO is available from any Singapore pool stores in Singapore. Proceeds are being used for non-profit and charitable causes.

Tips to Play for Singapore TOTO

The chance of successfully winning the jackpot prize is 1:13,983,816. Singapore’s minimum bonus deposit is $1 million (guaranteed). The jackpot takes into account 38% of the pool prize. You may match three numbers in order

The lottery number is randomly selected. Although randomly drawn numbers get to form patterns that could be monitored and used. A careful analysis of all the drawings in the previous lottery results in excess of 200 distinct lottery games around the world, dating back to 1955, we validated the following very simple rules:


The key to the successful selection of lottery numbers is to play odds. If the pattern you play happens only within 5% of the time, you can anticipate this pattern to be unsuccessful for 95% of the time, meaning you don’t have the possibility to win 95% of the time. Therefore, do not ignore the probability.

Tips on how to SUCCEED with Toto Singapore

ODD-EVEN Lotto numbers

When choosing a lotto number, mix odd and even numbers evenly. All even or all odd numbers are drawn rarely and happen only 1% of the time. The best combination is ​​to have 2 odds and 4 evens, 4 odds and 2 evens, or 3 odds and 3 evens. These three patterns happen in 83% in all drawings.

High and low lotto numbers

The winning number is usually distributed throughout the number field. If you take a numeric field and then half it, you have the higher and the lower half. In a game of 49 numbers, numbers 1 through 24 are in the lower half and the numbers 25 through 49 are in the upper half. Each high or low number rarely occurs at only 1%. The best combination means two highs and four lows, or four highs and two lows, or three highs and three lows. These patterns appear 80% in all drawings.

Grouping strategy lotto numbers

If you look at the list of past winners of Singapore Toto, you will usually see that one or more groups of numbers are not displayed. For example, the combination of 5-13-18-32-38-42 does not have 20. By tracking and learning the numeric groups, you can decide which groups you want to leave out and which groups you can create additional slams into.

Skipped Strategy

Jot down the number of games skipped since the last hit (victory) of each number won in the last five games. And then note how many times each skip took place. If you don’t jump from 0 to 5, play the lottery number from many games. Skip the lottery action.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few strategies in playing Toto Singapore – the sum advice, repeat hits, hot number, and cold number. All of these strategies are geared to helping anyone make some winning in Singapore Toto. For more information on all of these strategies, you can check out the Smart Luck website. If you want to test your luck on Singapore Toto, you can check out www.lintastoto.com. We wish you good luck on your journey to Toto Singapore.