House edge is described simply as the winning percentage of a casino on each table they have on the floor. Of course, the higher the house edge, the lower the chance of a player to win.

But do you know that by applying basic and effective strategy, you have the ability of lowering house edge at favorable figure?

In the games that are listed in the next paragraphs, you’ll have better chances of walking away with extra cash. You probably are excited, let’s begin.

Blackjack (Single Deck)

This casino game has a 1.5 percent house edge. With regards to blackjack variants, the difference will lie on the deck that is used. As much as possible, try finding single deck games and it will significantly boost your odds to win. Adding a couple of strategies here and there and you’re on close to bringing down the house!


In this game, it gives you a house edge of 5 to 1.4 percent. Craps is among the exciting games that any casino has to offer and any bettor can play on. But what about when it is played over the internet. The enormous number of rules indicates that the players are put off in trying their luck. Craps on the other hand are offering one of the least house edges than any other casino games, next to single deck Blackjack.